Choosing Change

The world has changed in general, and I expect it has in smaller, personal ways for everyone, and even though CoVid restrictions are lifting and changing for everyone, I am finding that there is no going back to "what it was"; that we are all affected in some way: anxiety, actual fear of others, especially of the unvaccinated, even though vaccinated people have also been getting sick too, and even dying. 

So it is up to each of us to consciously choose our ways to stay grounded and even peaceful in this disturbed and disturbing world. And there are many! I have noticed, and received countless course offerings on meditation practices as well as body relaxation practices; breathing practices and present-moment practices, all of them helpful as the fear and anxiety grinds on. Media is no help, as its emphasis is always on the hyped fear of what is happening everywhere, and only that.

So I invite you who are reading this to join me in the practices I do each day - not literally join me, but find your own among the many offered and see how it might change your life, supporting and encouraging you at this time. Search the internet for such practices, and you will be amazed at the responses, in numbers and in kind...

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23.11 | 19:20

Hi Marilyn...can you share your writing when there's a chance? Love to read some!

04.01 | 19:04

Thanks, Andie...that's it exactly ! So glad you experienced it!

04.01 | 18:36

'Whatever you need
and wherever you go next -
will come to you'
My holiday experience.

28.12 | 15:12

Hi Brenda,
I've just finished reading The Choice - got it from the public library. What an amazing story and an unbeatable spirit. I'll check out youtube now