Choosing Change

So many thoughts and words pour into our spaces every day during this continuing pandemic time that it is sometimes necessary to find ways to step away from the constant rhetoric of panic, whether it's repetitive news, frightened family members or friends, even the hyped tone of voice with which newscasters and media reporters repeat and repeat frightening statistics and situations and dire predictions of what is yet to come - this is the state of our world today. 

That said, it is up to each one of us to find a way to step out of the panic for at least a part of the day, or longer. Some of the ways people have told me, and which I do myself are:

-going for a walk outside alone and noticing each thing you see 

-staying in the present moment by cooking, reading, and noticing when your mind takes over and everything else becomes attention in the moment.

-finding an activity that requires your attention, not something you do automatically...learn to knit or paint or color...many adult coloring books available now.

-trying not to engage people who need to talk about this over and over and over.

-Finding whatever suits you best to stay in the moment: read, sing, pray, walk and notice everything you see as you go.  

-TRYING NOT to either watch the news constantly OR talk constantly to people about the topic.

These activities, deliberately chosen, will rest your mind and body more than you know, especially if you choose to engage 2-3 of them a day.

REST OFTEN, like MaCushla the Cat in the photo!

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23.11 | 19:20

Hi Marilyn...can you share your writing when there's a chance? Love to read some!

04.01 | 19:04

Thanks, Andie...that's it exactly ! So glad you experienced it!

04.01 | 18:36

'Whatever you need
and wherever you go next -
will come to you'
My holiday experience.

28.12 | 15:12

Hi Brenda,
I've just finished reading The Choice - got it from the public library. What an amazing story and an unbeatable spirit. I'll check out youtube now