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Exploring Inner Presence with Another

There are many different words used for the practice of Spiritual Direction: Spiritual Accompaniment, Spiritual Guide, Soul Friend, Anam Cara, Spiritual Therapy...and on and on.

After several decades of being in a Spiritual Direction capacity with many people, and after extensive early training for this role, I have begun to see that being with another person in this way of being present is really one soul being present in a deep, attentive presence of oneness with another. "Soul" is a word that includes all of who a person is; not only the spiritual realm, which in any case cannot be separated out from one's life, but carries the wholeness of life in the physical world as well as the inner world, and the purpose of Soul to Soul conversations is to bring those two into alignment.

I have also found over these past few years that not only face-to-face presence works well, but telephone and especially Skype sessions accomplish the same degree of presence as person-to person.

I offer this invitation to anyone who wishes to seriously focus inner life with outer reality. Please use the contact information on this website to request a session.

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23.11 | 19:20

Hi Marilyn...can you share your writing when there's a chance? Love to read some!

04.01 | 19:04

Thanks, Andie...that's it exactly ! So glad you experienced it!

04.01 | 18:36

'Whatever you need
and wherever you go next -
will come to you'
My holiday experience.

28.12 | 15:12

Hi Brenda,
I've just finished reading The Choice - got it from the public library. What an amazing story and an unbeatable spirit. I'll check out youtube now